Band, Miami, FL, 2017,
acrylic, steel wire, and elastic band, 87 x 63 x 63 in. (220.98 x 160.2 cm)


Fernanda Frangetto’s Band Installation represents a new concept of art that demonstrates the importance of registering the gestual action of creating new
patterns by precisely cutting universal recognizable shapes in an assertive rhythm sequence over the Pilates bands. The clear acrylic boxes are the platform that condenses the multiple shapes designed by the artist when she is performing to the public.

Artist Quote/
“The heart symbol gives the message of a united world when different colors of bands and wooden sticks are displayed together. It is a new visual form of understanding the diversity of people’s societies, a way to humanize the nations, culture exchanges, and an unique way to display Art”

By Fernanda Frangetto
Doral Government Center – City Hall of Doral, FL “Doral Heart Brazil”